oneROOF Youth Services is a multi-service agency for youth (12-25) experiencing or at-risk of homelessness in the Waterloo Region. Our services include outreach, social enterprise programs, drop-in, essential services, food hampers, and emergency shelter.

Life Line

Monday – Friday 6:30pm to 8pm. Dinner at 7pm and programming from 8pm – 9pm. 

 Drop-in services include:

• One-on-one meetings with staff for the purpose of social support, problem solving, goal setting, and referrals.

• Essential needs such as meals, laundry, showers, storage lockers, and hygiene products. In addition, clothing donations and access to computers.

• Evening programming such as therapeutic craft/art sessions, life skills training, recreation and special events, substance abuse and prevention, and guest speakers from community service agencies.

Essential Services
Monday – Friday 9am – 1pm and 3pm – 5pm by appointment only. 
Lunch is from 1-3pm
Saturday – Sunday 11am – 5pm (PAR only) 

 Essential services includes:

• Meals, laundry, showers, storage lockers, hygiene products, and clothing donations.

• One-on-one time with staff for the purpose of social support, problem solving, goal setting, and referrals.

• Access to a computer lab for educational, employment, and housing purposes.

• Emergency food hampers and baby items (Wednesdays from 1pm – 5pm).

• Health care services from a registered nurse practitioner on Wednesday afternoons (in partnership with the Kitchener Downtown Community Health Centre)

• Mental health services from a registered psychiatric nurse on Wednesday afternoons (in partnership with the Psychiatric Outreach Project).

PAR (Providing a Roof)
PAR is a seventeen bed emergency shelter program for youths aged 16-25 years. Beds are assigned as available on a first-come, first-served basis. All youth residing at PAR are assigned a primary worker who assists them in set short/long term goals and in transitioning out of the shelter by securing appropriate housing. The youth may remain at PAR as long as their individual circumstance dictates.

oneROOF operates two social enterprises (Lunchbox and Street Designs) which provide employment opportunities and skills training to an average of 42 youth per year who are experiencing barriers to employment. These programs are administered in partnership with Argus Residence for Young People in Cambridge,  and jointly these programs are referred to as SEESAW (Social Enterprise Effecting Social Action in Waterloo [Region]). Funding for these programs is provided by Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC), United Way of KW and Area, and sales revenues from Lunchbox and Street Designs. Please visit the Lunchbox and Street Designs pages for more information.

Outreach & Intensive Case Management
The goal of the Outreach & Intensive Case Management Worker is to help young people, where possible, resolve conflict within their immediate family, help youth connect with their extended families, and prevent youth from ever becoming homeless. In addition the goal is to help youth who are experiencing homelessness to re-engage with their community by providing the appropriate/necessary supports.  Services offered include:  individual and family counselling, family mediation, case management and support, and connecting people to local community resources.

Housing Help Plus
Housing Help Plus worker serves up to 15 people at any given time, offering more intensive support for the first three months and less intensive support for the following months. The focus is to secure and retrain housing through various supports to help understand lease agreements, budgeting and to equip youth with the proper tools to live independently into adulthood. 

To contact Outreach, the Intensive Case Management or Housing Helps Plus Worker, please email or call 519-742-2788 extension 211.


oneROOF outreach workers are on the streets daily meeting with youth, building rapport, providing for their basic needs, and offering resources that will help them to make positive decisions and guide them towards appropriate sustainable housing.